Good customer service starts at your health club’s point of sale. Whether this is face-to-face or digital, this is often the first point of contact with your customer.

Do your members prefer attentive personal service or do they prefer to manage their bookings and experience themselves? Whatever your focus, make sure you cater for your audience.
Here are five ideas to help you improve your customers’ experience when signing up for membership, booking classes or buying products or services.

1. Improve the quality of your customer interactions

Your customers come to your facility because they are motivated by fitness. So it makes sense to make sure their first face-to-face interaction with your staff relates to their fitness goals and motivation for being there, rather than their membership fees.

Many clubs are increasingly moving towards mobile and web based gym booking software, online signup, and automated kiosk solutions to allow customers to manage fees and membership themselves and improve their first face-to-face experience with fitness club staff.

Online tools such as Join Online now interface with Gladstone’s fitness club software so customers can join your club from the comfort of their own homes via your website. All contracts, health checks and payments are managed electronically, the whole processes takes a matter of minutes.

2. Join the move to mobile signup

As well as smoothing the signup process for customers, cloud-based software accessible from mobile devices means staff are no longer bound to the reception desk or back office terminal, and allows them to roam the facility to identify where they are most needed.

Mobile devices also help to automate the sign-up process, capturing members’ information electronically and removing the need for your staff to work on tedious data entry.

3. Cater the experience to your customers using sales data

From new club members to existing customers, sales data can inform your business of everything from the best products and times for promotions to who the appropriate audience for your latest email campaign is. Good fitness club software provides a foundation for you to improve how you operate and market your products and services.

Gladstone Plus2 can gather relevant customer information at sign-up and beyond to smooth the buying process for any future purchases. Once gathered, customer information such as membership type, name and address can be viewed by staff at a swipe of the customer’s club membership card, and updated with any new information at each purchase.

This process generates information on customer preferences which can be viewed instantaneously by staff from the front desk to the boardroom, identifying trends in peak attendance times, highlighting best-selling products, and providing a full profile of your fitness club membership at the fingertips of relevant staff and decision-makers.

4. Make purchases quick and easy

Most customers want their point of sale experience to be as quick and easy as possible.

If staff are supported by systems that make a sale painless, they will be freed from the tedium of data entry to talk about the benefits of your club and to build rapport with customers.

5. Consider going paperless or cashless

Many health clubs and leisure centres are looking to go paperless and cashless, eliminating the need to mail out invoices, contracts and statements. Many customers also prefer this approach.

Going paperless means contracts and invoices can be emailed to customers as an instant electronic record. Going cashless means customers can help themselves to fitness products and services with a swipe of their membership card without the need to carry cash or ask for staff assistance, with purchases charged to their account. The customer can then be invoiced at the end of the month, reducing staff costs while providing everything a customer needs.

These are just some of the useful tips we have to offer at Gladstone Health & Leisure. For friendly advice and information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us directly.