About Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

With a mission to become the leading provider for university-based sport, fitness and recreation services in the Asia-Pacific region, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) caters to more than 50,000 Sydney University students, staff and the local community. SUSF had been successfully using Gladstone Health & Leisure as a management solution since 2007 and has recently implemented Join Online to sign up members without the hassle of paper-based forms.

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About Join Online

Join Online is a web-based online and mobile signup module that synchronises in real time with Gladstone’s Plus2 database. Join Online helps health clubs and leisure centres provide a seamless online signup process for new members.


Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) needed a powerful software solution that would streamline sales, increase operational efficiency and improve member retention across its gyms, courts, pool, group fitness studio, sporting clubs, and student and community programs.

How Gladstone Health & Leisure helped

Join Online has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of SUSF’s member signup process, with significant flow-on effects for efficiency and member satisfaction. The software provides SUSF customers with a simple, secure and automated way to sign up and pay for memberships online. Running on iOS, Android or PC, it is mobile responsive to fit the customer’s device, phone or tablet.

Join Online allows SUSF to offer a variety of member categories with multiple subscription offerings across price levels. When customers sign up using Join Online, they fill out contracts and health checks for convenience.

To improve SUSF’s customer service, Join Online sends automatic email confirmations to new members containing PDFs of all relevant documents. Staff can set flags in reception so they can easily chase up information that was not supplied during the online signup process.

Join Online also enhances SUSF’s member experience by helping employees provide a warm, personalised welcome to all new members, as all related documents are stored as PDFs in the Members Asset folder for the receptionist’s ease of reference.

“Join Online has made joining SUSF easier and faster for our customers, who are eagerly embracing our new paperless online sign up process. Over time, we believe an increasing number of new members will use Join Online, which improves our organisational productivity and enables us to focus on delivering an even greater member experience.”
Andrew Heil, Business & Systems Manager, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

Results, return on investment and future plans

In February 2016, Gladstone launched Join Online, successfully meeting SUSF’s deadline for Join Online going live in advance of Orientation Week 2016, the busiest week of the University calendar.

In the first 12 weeks of Orientation 2016, Join Online smoothly handled 1500 transactions for new members, offering major efficiency dividends for SUSF’s operational and financial staff. During this time, up to 35% of SUSF’s entire new memberships were achieved through Join Online, and this is expected to grow.

Join Online will have major ongoing benefits for Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness by improving SUSF’s relationships with prospective and existing members.

  • Member signup is now faster and less complex.
  • More customers are purchasing memberships online.
  • Members can get started with their health and fitness goals straight away.

Staff also work with increased efficiency.

  • The backend user interface is simple for staff to navigate.
  • There is less reliance on staff to facilitate the signup process.
  • The risk of duplicating members is minimised.
sydney uni health and fitness outdoor court
sydney uni health and fitness indoor court
“SUSF’s experience with Gladstone’s Join Online has been very positive. We highly recommend Join Online to any leisure or fitness organisation seeking to provide a better customer experience and offer members an alternative to paper-based signup at front counter.”
Andrew Heil, Business & Systems Manager, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

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