It’s that time of year. Members are prepping themselves for the festive season. Eight week challenges are kicking off. Potential members are walking through your fitness club doors asking to take a look around, and your personal trainers are swamped with enquiries. With all of these new members coming on board, how can you help your staff stay on top of their duties? By turning to your fitness club software.

Delegate the power of signups

The easiest way to cut down on admin is by offering your potential members an easy and convenient way to join your fitness centre without the help, and time, of a staff member. Perhaps the new member has already had a tour of your facility, they know exactly what they want, and all they need is a fuss free to way to join up.

With Gladstone’s fitness club software, your new guests can choose to join online, or onsite with or without the help of an employee. It’s an easy process for your member, and it takes almost zero time for your staff. All the paperwork is taken care of since your new member will receive their contracts via an automated email, while your staff receive a notification alerting them to the new addition. Paperless signups put the power in your customers’ hands, so your staff can focus on building meaningful relationships with the members in front of them.

Streamline payments or go cashless

Your members want any interaction with your point of sale to be as quick as possible – and your busy team will appreciate a swift process as well. Streamline member payments with easy direct debit payments, or choose to go completely cashless.

Cashless is perfect for members and staff alike who crave convenience. Your members can serve themselves within your fitness facility, purchasing products or classes with a swipe of their membership card. Their purchases will be charged to their account and they will be invoiced at the end of the month, reducing the administration workload.

Enable members to book classes online

Enlist the help of online tools to help alleviate some of the pressure on your staff. Instead of chatting with your receptionist, your members can use Connect – an online membership tool that interfaces with Gladstone’s fitness club software.

Your members can easily book their favourite group fitness class online, whether it’s a spin class or a squash court. They can also update their details, make payments and manage their membership either online or via mobile. Online booking is the perfect way to free up your employee’s time so they can focus on securing more personal training opportunities, dedicating more time to potential members touring your gym, and ultimately building relationships with existing members.

If you’re interested in what Gladstone can do for your fitness centre or health club, why not get in touch?