Online membership sign-ups can work wonders for your business, particularly if they’re powered by a trusted and effective club membership software. Online sign-ups give more power to your potential members, allowing them to sign-up at a time that suits them rather than making a special trip to your facility during staffed hours. Let’s delve into the top benefits of using online sign-ups in your gym or fitness business:

1.      Join anywhere, anytime

Depending on your target market, your members can be busy people with non-stop lifestyles. They can be time poor people who need quick and effective solutions to help streamline their daily tasks – such as signing up for a new gym membership.

Through Gladstone’s intelligent club membership software, you can give your members the independence they desire to sign up for their gym membership at a time that suits them. Since it’s a web based solution, your new member can join with you from the comfort of their own home or while they’re on the go. Using Join Online, they can complete all their membership forms at home without the assistance of a staff member. This can be a very valuable thing to customers who can’t visit your gym during staffed hours.

2.      Join onsite effortlessly via club membership software

You want to give the potential members who are in your facility the same streamlined experience as those who join off-site. Gladstone’s Join Onsite works just like Join Online, whereby the whole sign-up process is streamlined with real-time wireless connectivity. Your potential member can sign-up using a tablet from anywhere in the gym.

This process can either be customer-driven or staff led, so you can easily customise the experience depending on the member. Some customers value more staff attention, while others like a more independent approach so they can get started with their first workout or class. Join Onsite means you can cater to both guest experiences.

3.      Collect payments instantly

Are there days where your staff are ringing up members and chasing payments? Without a direct debiting tool, it can be tricky to keep your existing members and new sign-ups honest with their payment cycles.

Gladstone’s club membership software collects join up fees, and any initial one-off membership costs from your new sign-ups through an easy to use online payment portal. This tool can also manage ongoing direct debits from the moment your new member signs-up. Using valuable staff time to chase new members for payment will be a thing of the past!

4.      Reduce administration and paper-use

The best part about the JoinAnywhere suite is it’s completely paperless, meaning it’s better for the environment, easier to keep track of, and there’s much less administration work that needs to be done. Since contracts and routine health checks are digitally created by your members, there’s a drastically reduced paper trail. Your new member will also receive an automatic email with their contract attached and your staff will receive a notification email alerting them to the newest addition to your gym.

To learn more about Gladstone’s JoinAnywhere portal or club membership software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.