Re-opening guide for Gladstone users

With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to ease on both sides of the Tasman, many leisure centres are beginning to re-open their doors. This re-opening guide provides guidance on resuming membership payments and courses, as well as information about managing contact tracing and capacity limits at your facility. These processes are simple using Gladstone and some recently released tools from Jonas Leisure. Resuming memberships Many leisure [...]

  • team of gym referrals all working out together

Create a winning gym member referral program

It’s no easy feat building a gym member referral campaign that will work wonders for your health club. There can often be a lot involved to make sure it works effectively and consistently, but at the end of the day a successful referral program is essential to the growth of your fitness centre. Just check out this infographic by Referral Candy and you’ll see [...]

  • woman tying up shoe laces sitting in front of laptop

The powerful pros of online membership sign-ups

Online membership sign-ups can work wonders for your business, particularly if they’re powered by a trusted and effective club membership software. Online sign-ups give more power to your potential members, allowing them to sign-up at a time that suits them rather than making a special trip to your facility during staffed hours. Let’s delve into the top benefits of using online sign-ups in your [...]

  • two people working out in gym

Improving your gym member retention game

With the influx of boutique health studios, trendy HIIT franchises, and giant weight-lifting gyms, it can seem like every city across the nation is being flooded with a smorgasbord of health club choices. For you, it means you have a competitor next door, up the road and around the corner to top it all off. With such a high concentration level of competition and [...]

  • man sitting at laptop using fitness club software

Feature focus: powerful and customisable reporting

Reports – where would your fitness business be without them? They help you make informed, intelligent business decisions, keep track of your performance, and celebrate your triumphs. Without detailed analytics and meaningful insights, it’s incredibly hard to know where your business is thriving, and where it’s lacking. Having a powerful reporting tool at your fingertips is vital to your business, and in this feature [...]

Why you should make mobile your focus

According to Deloitte’s 2017 mobile consumer survey, around 88% of Australians own a smartphone, 35% of us check our phones within five minutes of waking up, and 70% of us use our phones over meals with friends and family. We’re addicted. With mobile devices holding such high importance in your customers’ eyes, it’s essential to adopt a more mobile-friendly approach to doing business, and [...]

  • group fitness class for young teens

Steps to attracting families to your gym

Kids might not be top of mind when you think about your customers, but don’t underestimate how instrumental they can be to help drive foot traffic into your centre. Children influence their parents’ decisions on a daily basis, and parents are constantly considering how to juggle their day-to-day with a young family. This includes which gym they choose to sign up with, so ensuring [...]

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Discover Membership Wizards

July 25th - 11am AEST Explore your ability to streamline your business procedures and create more accurate customer management through Gladstone Wizards. The perfect customer service tool to manage cancellations, suspensions, membership allocation and direct debit rejections. Register today to find out more! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Top tips to attract new business to your fitness centre

With private gyms and fitness centres popping up left, right and centre, it can sometimes feel impossible to stand out from the crowd and attract new business to your facility – even with excellent gym software on hand. When you’re trying to grow and develop your business, what can you do to entice new customers to your gym and sign them up as a [...]

  • MyMemberSales dashboard

How MyMemberSales can work for your business

Connect faster, convert better, grow faster! MyMemberSales is the latest solution for gyms and health clubs seeking to drive more memberships plus it integrates seamlessly with Gladstone. Give your sales team the tools they need to capture and convert new members. Register today to learn more. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Give your members more bang for their membership buck

Let’s face it – customers are always on the hunt for the best deal. Whether it’s a 2-for-1 bargain or buying in bulk, they want to feel like they’re getting the best value for money. This of course extends to their gym membership. So what can you do to convince them that they truly are receiving the best value possible, and how can your [...]

  • Virgin Active and Gladstone club management software

Gladstone software helps Virgin Active customise the fitness experience

It’s 8pm on a weeknight and Sally from Sydney is checking into Virgin Active’s popular Pitt Street club in the CBD. Little does she know the card reader, check in system and membership database she’s using are all powered by software from Gladstone Health & Leisure. Virgin Active has been using Gladstone’s health and fitness club management software for years, and it’s a relationship [...]

  • Streamline business tasks with fitness club software

Streamline your business tasks for staff sanity

It’s that time of year. Members are prepping themselves for the festive season. Eight week challenges are kicking off. Potential members are walking through your fitness club doors asking to take a look around, and your personal trainers are swamped with enquiries. With all of these new members coming on board, how can you help your staff stay on top of their duties? By [...]

  • Jonas Leisure website Gladstone

Introducing the new Jonas Leisure website

A freshly re-designed Jonas Leisure website is now live at, featuring improvements to the visitor experience and new information to help our customers learn about our range of software solutions, including Gladstone Health & Leisure. The new website has a new attractive design as one of the goals was to re-invigorated the site’s look and feel. From the website’s new home page, you [...]

  • Managing customer complaints Gladstone

Managing customer complaints in your fitness centre

Unfortunately, customer complaints do happen, no matter how organised your business is or how dedicated your staff are. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for negative feedback and learn how to manage it effectively. After all, a well-handled complaint will boost customer happiness and improve your gym member retention. The initial complaint So you’ve received a complaint from one of your [...]

  • Connect by Gladstone membership software

Connect with your customers online

Forging an ongoing relationship with members is a recipe for success for fitness clubs. But managing the relationship isn’t always easy when your customers aren’t on-site. Good membership software can help gyms, fitness clubs and leisure centres keep in touch with customers while also allowing members to book sessions and manage their contact details from their mobile or home PC. Online interaction and 24/7 [...]

  • Join anywhere Gladstone

Feature focus: Join Anywhere

Your customers crave convenience from the minute they decide that your fitness club is the best gym for them. Your fitness software is your best tool to ensure that every customer has an effortless experience right from the start. Join Anywhere’s suite of applications, Join Onsite and Join Online, are designed to streamline and simplify member acquisition. This feature focus will walk you through [...]

  • gym member retention

How to give your gym member retention an almighty boost

Are you looking for ways to keep your customers coming back time and time again? Gym member retention is essential in running a successful facility but with so much competition in the industry, how can your business stand out from the crowd? Empower your employees Employees who feel empowered and enjoy coming to work each day are more likely to approach customer interactions with [...]

  • Jonas Leisure Customer Service Portal

Introducing our new customer service portal

Jonas Leisure is introducing a new customer service portal for users of Gladstone Health & Leisure, Centaman and Envibe software. Available from 1 June 2017, the portal will enable customers to sign in to make service requests or check progress on enquiries they have made previously. Email updates will keep customers in the loop when a case is opened, when comments are made by [...]

  • gladstone cashless gym

The many benefits of going cashless

Positive customer relationships can make your gym a success by boosting customer retention and the emotional connection between members and your business. A cashless system may be the magic ingredient you need to create a memorable experience and encourage your members to spend more. Here are some benefits of going cashless, and how you can use the latest technologies to boost your customer experience. [...]

  • friendly gym manager greeting customer

Top tips to streamline sales at your health club

Good customer service starts at your health club’s point of sale. Whether this is face-to-face or digital, this is often the first point of contact with your customer. Do your members prefer attentive personal service or do they prefer to manage their bookings and experience themselves? Whatever your focus, make sure you cater for your audience. Here are five ideas to help you improve [...]

  • targeted fitness program

Design a fitness program that appeals to your target market

Every facility wants programs packed with happy fitness club members. But to design a successful health and fitness program, you need a watertight plan that not only makes your customers excited to join your program, but keeps them coming back for more. Here’s a checklist of items to tick off when you build your next personal fitness program. Tailor your fitness program to meet [...]

  • jonas leisure masterclass

Jonas Leisure offers health and fitness software masterclass

Leisure and fitness industry professionals from across Australia will get a masterclass in cutting edge software from Centaman and Gladstone at events run by Jonas Leisure in Melbourne and Sydney next week. The Jonas Leisure User Groups will showcase innovations made available to leisure centres and health and fitness clubs through Centaman and Gladstone software, whether to manage group fitness classes, swim school programmes [...]

  • staff morale

How to boost your staff morale and happiness

Looking for ways to improve your gym staff morale and happiness at work? Positive energy at a fitness club or leisure centre is infectious. If your staff enjoy their job, your members will likely visit your centre more often. Here are a few of our best tips to improve staff morale and happiness to reap rewards for your business. Automate the tedious tasks When [...]

  • loyalty program

3 key questions that will help you build powerful loyalty

Leisure club customers are notoriously fickle. Have you ever had a customer joyously sign up for a membership, eager to reinvigorate their life with a much-needed change, only to have them drop off the radar and disappear for months? This is why a loyalty program is a must for any health club or leisure club looking to drive more profit and keep customers committed [...]

  • man showing woman gladstone software membership sign up

3 sure-fire ways to boost gym memberships

At Gladstone, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many world-class gyms and leisure centres in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to increase their efficiency and increase their memberships. Over that time, we’ve learned a lot, but our favourite piece of wisdom is this: The most successful gyms and health clubs focus on more than enticing new members through the door. Instead, they [...]

  • fitness club promotion

How to run a successful promotion for your fitness club

Are you having trouble bringing in new members or keeping members coming back? Running a successful fitness club promotion is easier than you think. Here are our best tips to market your fitness club successfully. Step 1 – Research your ideal audience The digital world offers hundreds of ways to market your fitness club online. The tricky part is picking the right channel and [...]

  • 24 hour access leisure facility

Twenty-four hour gym access: it’s there if you want it

If you find it hard to exercise during normal hours, it isn’t so difficult these days to find a fitness centre that’s always open. And providing fitness clients with 24-hour access doesn’t have to be hugely expensive or difficult. The technology is more accessible than ever. Twenty-four hour fitness centres are a relatively new phenomenon that took off five to eight years ago, says [...]

  • leisure facility efficiency

7 easy steps to streamline your facility

From organising fitness programs to managing budgets and overseeing staff, managing a leisure or fitness facility can be stressful. Here are seven useful tips on using Gladstone’s Plus2 to streamline your day-to-day work, including time management tips that will make your staff and members’ lives simpler. Step 1 - Streamline your debit collection process Take advantage of Gladstone’s fully-integrated direct debiting to collect payments [...]

  • customer satisfaction leisure facility

5 questions to boost customer satisfaction at your leisure centre

Ultimately, customer satisfaction and loyalty comes down to just one thing: how you make your members feel. Not only will members be more likely to stick around if they’re happy with your services, they’ll be more likely to talk you up to friends and family. So what should you be doing right now to improve customer retention? In this article, we’ll share our best [...]