Positive customer relationships can make your gym a success by boosting customer retention and the emotional connection between members and your business.

A cashless system may be the magic ingredient you need to create a memorable experience and encourage your members to spend more.

Here are some benefits of going cashless, and how you can use the latest technologies to boost your customer experience.

Create convenience

Offer customers a convenient and flexible way to pay for services and products at your gym using their membership card or account number. Health and fitness club software such as Plus2 from Gladstone Health & Leisure makes this easy.

You can choose whether to offer your member a prepaid or post-paid account. With a prepaid account, members can pre-load money into an account with you, helping streamline future purchases.

With a post-paid account, your customers can run up a debt over time, which they can pay either via direct debit from their bank or with the credit card details stored in your system.

Prepaid cashless systems can also protect customers from theft. Because their account details are stored in your database, if your customer loses their card, their money is still there.

Build relationships

Going cashless is a perfect way to elevate your customer service by letting your team focus on providing fast, friendly service without the hassle of handling cash.

By giving them the freedom to focus on the members who are in front of them, you will enable them to build meaningful relationships.

This makes it easier for them to upsell using incentives such as special deals or discounts, as members will trust their advice and be more easily motivated to spend more.

Goodwill and exclusivity

If you’re looking for a way to give your fitness club members a special reward at certain times of the year, you can create goodwill and the perception of good value by topping up their prepaid account.

A little goes a long way – even a small contribution towards their next class or purchase will make them feel like they are a valued part of your business.

As a bonus, letting customers go cashless also gives your gym the atmosphere of a private club. Customers will feel like they’re enjoying privileged VIP access every time they make a transaction without the interruption of reaching for their wallet.