According to Deloitte’s 2017 mobile consumer survey, around 88% of Australians own a smartphone, 35% of us check our phones within five minutes of waking up, and 70% of us use our phones over meals with friends and family. We’re addicted. With mobile devices holding such high importance in your customers’ eyes, it’s essential to adopt a more mobile-friendly approach to doing business, and your gym management software can help. Here’s how you can play the mobile friendly game with Gladstone.

Connect with them

Gladstone interfaces with an online membership portal called Connect. It gives your members the power and convenience they crave to manage their membership, make payments, and book classes all from their mobile phone. They can do everything on the go, which is just the kind of lifestyle they’re used to.

Connect helps free up your team’s time so they can better help the members in your gym, with the added benefit of giving your members freedom and independence to manage their membership, their way.

Offer paperless sign-ups

Paperless sign-ups, otherwise known as Join Anywhere, cuts down your paper usage, saves valuable staff time, and gives your members a fuss-free experience. They can choose to sign up online or onsite without the help from one of your staff. The whole process can be completed from their mobile phone, so they could be filling out their contract while riding the bus!

Your new member simply receives their contracts via an automated email. Your staff then receive a notification letting them know a new member has signed up and completed the paperwork.

Manage leads and boost sales

Embracing mobile technology doesn’t just have to be about pleasing your customers. It’s a fierce asset to help you do better business. MyMemberSales is a lead management and sales tracking tool. It’s all about connecting more effectively with leads and signing them up to become happy, loyal members.

MyMemberSales’ mobile-friendly solution can be used by the sales team on the gym floor or on the go. They can keep track of their tasks with to do lists, record all interactions with leads in their diary, and keep leads in the loop with automated messages. Sales managers can allocate new leads to the best suited sales person, and check in on the sales numbers anytime they like with the reporting features. MyMemberSales integrates perfectly with Gladstone’s gym management software.

Want to take MyMemberSales for a test run? You can sign up for a one week free trial right here.

Ensure your website is mobile responsive

In 2018, smart phones are nothing new. For years now we’ve been using our phones to do so much more than just send texts and make calls. We’ve been browsing the internet, live streaming video content, scrolling through our social media feeds, and visiting our favourite websites daily. In 2017, just under 40% of our internet usage in Australia was spent on our mobiles. With so many users choosing their phones over their desktops or laptops, you’d think every website is mobile responsive, right? Surprisingly, it’s still something that falls to the wayside.

Your website is one of the first places your member will go to during their research phase. They look for all the key information they could need without having to call you or pop into your leisure centre. Websites that aren’t mobile responsive see much higher bounce rates and don’t rank as highly on Google, which means you could miss out on a potential customer. Just like your own personal presentation, make sure your online presence is nice and groomed for that crucial first impression.