With the influx of boutique health studios, trendy HIIT franchises, and giant weight-lifting gyms, it can seem like every city across the nation is being flooded with a smorgasbord of health club choices. For you, it means you have a competitor next door, up the road and around the corner to top it all off. With such a high concentration level of competition and only a relatively fixed local market, how can you possibly ensure that you retain your valuable members? And how can your gym management software help?

Set yourself apart from the rest

Take a look at your customers – most likely a lot of them will live or work close by to your gym. For most gym goers, locality and convenience are one of the most influential reasons a member may choose you. Otherwise, it’s all about your offering, facilities, cost and if you suit their needs.

If you’re struggling with your gym member retention, conduct some competitor analysis on some of the big players nearby. What’s their angle? What is setting them apart from the crowd? By understanding both your customers and your competitors, you should be able to find a sweet spot where you can offer something unique enough to differentiate yourself from the competition, yet appeal to the majority of your target market. This could be things like offering a cycling class with classic 80’s tunes, offering personalised nutrition fitness programs, or making your gym available to members 24/7 with your gym management software.

Be available all the time with 24 hour gym software

There is a massive market for 24 hour gyms now that the 9-5 grind is becoming less and less prominent in our societies. Make your facility available 24/7 for those gym goers that prefer a midnight sweat session, or early morning stretch before work.

Gladstone’s 24 hour gym software enables you to keep your doors open all day and all night to cater to every member’s schedule, without letting just anyone in. All your member needs to do is scan their valid gym membership card and Gladstone’s software can grant them access depending on your pre-determined facility rules. These rules could relate to the membership type, age of your member so anyone under 18 cannot access the facility after staffed hours, or time of day if you’d prefer to keep your gym completely closed between during the midnight hours.

Catch them before it’s too late

The key to retaining your members is to notice the warning signs that hint they might be about to leave and communicating with them before they have a chance. Gladstone’s club management software collects valuable member data including popular classes and purchase history which you can use to learn more and tweak your email or SMS marketing communications accordingly. From here you can begin to offer them new things that might reinvigorate their interest.

To learn more about how Gladstone’s gym management software can help your gym, get in touch.