Are you having trouble bringing in new members or keeping members coming back? Running a successful fitness club promotion is easier than you think. Here are our best tips to market your fitness club successfully.

Step 1 – Research your ideal audience

The digital world offers hundreds of ways to market your fitness club online. The tricky part is picking the right channel and message.

First, it helps to start with a bit of research. Where is your ideal audience likely to spend time online? Do they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a mix? Can you capture email addresses from members and market to them that way? Or can you harness your gym software to turn email marketing to your advantage? Handy tip: our software can help.

Step 2 – Target your message

Second, make sure your fitness club promotion is targeted and compelling for your audience. If your aim is to retain members, think about how you can help your members get the most out of their membership. The more targeted, the better. For example, helping weightlifters with a free meal plan to enhance their training. Or if your gym offers CrossFit training, include exclusive tips from a personal trainer to help people improve technique and perfect their form.

For prospects, what can you provide to entice them to sign up? Some ideas include a New Year promotion, a flash special on a gym anniversary or a free personal training day.

To reward current members while enticing new ones, why not offer a one-week pass to people who check-in on Facebook or a free month pass to people who leave a Google review?

To provide extra value for your members, demystify some of the common questions your members have about training with blog posts written by your personal trainers. And of course, celebrate your members’ achievements. Each week, interview a member who’s willing and not camera-shy about a recent personal goal they’ve achieved and publish it on Facebook, tagging them.

Step 3 – Encourage friends of members to join

Want an easy way to build your membership base and reward your current members at the same time? Create a referral rewards program.

Your current members can take part in an exclusive fitness club promotion, such as a free training session with you for every person they send your way. A good way to get momentum going is to let a member’s friend into a training session for free as a taster of what your fitness centre has to offer.

A final word

Remember, the idea isn’t to ‘sell, sell, sell’. Effective marketing is about providing real value to your customers. Focus on helping your members and non-members reach their personal goals and you’ll naturally see a boost in your member retention and engagement.