It’s 8pm on a weeknight and Sally from Sydney is checking into Virgin Active’s popular Pitt Street club in the CBD. Little does she know the card reader, check in system and membership database she’s using are all powered by software from Gladstone Health & Leisure.

Virgin Active has been using Gladstone’s health and fitness club management software for years, and it’s a relationship that offers some major perks for one of Australia’s best-known leisure and fitness companies.

A visit to a health and fitness club should be all about the experience, and this point extends to the software staff use across your sites. Virgin Active is a subsidiary of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. It has six sites across Australia, specialising in personalised leisure and fitness experiences to help its customers get fit and have fun ‘the Virgin Way’.

Gladstone software is also in use at several other Virgin Active sites outside of Australia, including its new club in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which will soon open its doors to the public.

While Gladstone Health & Leisure provides comprehensive software that works ‘straight out of the box’, it also offers possibilities for companies with very specific needs that want to customise the experience they create for their staff and customers.

Virgin Active Head of Brand and Marketing, Anton Brown, says having software that is highly configurable by design is essential for Virgin Active.

“Our software forms an integral part of the customer journey to deliver amazing workout experiences for all of our different member needs.”

While many leisure management software programs can be configured at some level, Gladstone software takes this one step further by enabling Virgin Active to develop additional functionality to support its unique requirements.

Through these additions, Virgin Active can offer a customised experience by designing everything to meet the specific needs of its staff and members. This extends from branding on the user interface to modules for frequent flyer points and laundry service management.

Gladstone software is also used to provide live data across Virgin Active’s sites, enabling members to be recognised at more than one site and giving them access to organisation-wide special offers.

Gladstone Business Manager Ian Wilcock says Gladstone’s software has a fully customisable Application Programming Interface (API), allowing businesses to develop the software in ways that wouldn’t be possible with other leisure and fitness software.

“The system Virgin Active uses is very much theirs. It’s customised with their branding and their own user interface and, it’s been created to suit their specific needs.

“Bigger, more established chains recognise they need their own customised solutions. If you want to offer a premium service, sometimes you need to do something different that helps create your brand experience. Gladstone allows health and fitness clubs to do this.”

Mr Wilcock says having a software platform that provides managers with the ability to better understand their business and administer some facets from a central point is also very valuable for businesses working across multiple sites.

In this way, Gladstone provides a solid foundation while also giving businesses the building blocks they need to develop their own unique software functionality in a single platform.

Are you looking to take the next step in developing what you offer your members? Why not get in touch to see how Gladstone software can work for you.