Let’s face it – customers are always on the hunt for the best deal. Whether it’s a 2-for-1 bargain or buying in bulk, they want to feel like they’re getting the best value for money. This of course extends to their gym membership. So what can you do to convince them that they truly are receiving the best value possible, and how can your gym management software help?

Open your doors 24/7

If you have the resources and ability to open your gym 24/7, this might be an option. Opening all hours may attract new members, and help keep existing members satisfied. No matter if they’re an early bird that bounces in at 4am, or a night owl that’s sweating it out at midnight, you can rest easy knowing you are catering to everyone’s requirements.

With the power of Gladstone, you can offer and control 24/7 access to your facility. As the member swipes their pass, Gladstone’s system determines if they can be granted access according to their records and your facility rules. These rules could be related to their membership type, the time of day, or if it’s a valid booking.

Reward loyalty with points

An effective loyalty program helps you reach your business goals, generate a little extra revenue and deliver a valuable reward for your members. This could be a free personal training session, or a detailed meal plan to help them reach their goals. The possibilities are endless!

With Gladstone, you can create loyalty programs that allows the member to collect points when they make a purchase in your gym.

Make customer service a top priority

Is every interaction with your business a positive one? Do your members gush over how helpful your customer service representatives are? If not, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. It’s no secret that exceptional customer service is a top priority in any industry, but when business gets busy it can sometimes fall to the wayside.

If you think your customer service skills could use a pick-me-up, call a staff meeting and reiterate your expected standards, discuss strategies for handling common member questions or concerns, and empower your team to make measured decisions to help your customers on the spot.

Create a community feel

Events, contests, group classes – you name it, these activities are a must if you want to build a business with a sense of community. Community is an essential element to any gym or health club – especially if you want to boost gym member retention. When your members build relationships with your trainers, staff, and other members it turns their experience with your business from purely transactional to something more personal.

Visiting your gym each week and interacting with your exceptional trainers and their new friends makes it that much more motivating to keep coming back and renew their membership when the time comes.

Book online anytime, anywhere

One of the luxuries you can offer your members is the ability to book in to their own group fitness classes. Gladstone’s gym management software gives you the power to offer a convenience all of your members crave: managing their own schedule in their own time.

Using Connect, an online tool that interfaces with Gladstone, your members can book their favourite spin class online in a matter of seconds. Who wouldn’t want to book their own classes, manage payments and their membership all from their mobile?