Reports – where would your fitness business be without them? They help you make informed, intelligent business decisions, keep track of your performance, and celebrate your triumphs. Without detailed analytics and meaningful insights, it’s incredibly hard to know where your business is thriving, and where it’s lacking. Having a powerful reporting tool at your fingertips is vital to your business, and in this feature focus we’re going to delve into how the reporting feature in your fitness club software can help you.

Standard reports in your fitness club software

Like all great reporting features, Gladstone comes with a suite of standard reports to help you report on the fundamentals in your business. The standard reports allow you to run your End of Day report which outlines the basics such as the number of items sold through the point of sale and a breakdown of transactions, such as sales, refunds and payment types.

It also helps serve data relating to your finances, so you can keep track of money in and money out, and your return on investment. It can provide you with detailed information on direct debits that are due, your earnings from these direct debits, and cash reconciliations.

Customisable report generator

The standard reports are ideal if you want a few select essential reports to help you analyse your day to day business takings, but often you may need a report that is more detailed, and hones in on one particular piece of data that has big meaning for your gym. This is where Gladstone’s report generator comes in.

The report generator is completely configurable to help you create reports that are important to you and the way you do business. It’s a very powerful tool that gives you control over your data and allows you to run a report whenever you like.

With the report generator, you simply need to select the report criteria that you’d like to report on – this could be anything from the number of members that joined last month, to the number of group fitness classes that had more than ten attendees. For example, you can choose to run a report that tells you how many new members you acquired this week. The customisable report generator has a data field that you can use to run this report as you need it.

The best part about the report generator is you can either create the report as a one-off if you need, or create and save a configuration that you’d like to regularly use. This configured report can be saved in your report library to use time and time again by yourself or other members of your team, giving you flexibility and control over your reporting.

Both your standard reports and configured reports can be exported as an Excel CSV file too for your convenience. They are also displayed in easy to understand graphs or informative tables depending on the data.

To learn more about Gladstone’s powerful gym reporting software, get in touch.