Your customers crave convenience from the minute they decide that your fitness club is the best gym for them. Your fitness software is your best tool to ensure that every customer has an effortless experience right from the start.

Join Anywhere’s suite of applications, Join Onsite and Join Online, are designed to streamline and simplify member acquisition. This feature focus will walk you through the ins and outs of the Join Anywhere applications and what you can achieve with powerful and dependable fitness software.

Join Onsite

Join Onsite is perfect for customers who are in your facility and want to become a member. Both your staff and your members can enjoy a paperless sign-up with Join Onsite. The in-house sign-up process is streamlined with real-time wireless connectivity, a mobile-friendly interface and a touchscreen optimised capability meaning your customer can complete their sign-up on a tablet from anywhere in your facility.

The best part about Join Onsite is that the process can either be staff led or customer driven which is a great way to tailor the sign-up experience to meet your customer’s needs.

All that’s left is payment which is easily processed with your gym POS software or on a device via Ezidebit – whichever method is most convenient for your member!

Join Online

Join Online is ideal for those who aren’t currently in your facility and want to join via the web. It allows your client to sign-up for their gym membership at any time, from anywhere with Gladstone’s web-based membership sign-up solution. When your potential members aren’t in your gym, your staff don’t have the opportunity to win them over and close a sale. This is when your fitness software needs to step in to ensure your customer has a pleasant and memorable experience.

Join Online works in real-time for multiple venues to manage your membership sign-ups. Just like Join Onsite, your customer will be able to complete their sign-up without a hitch. This also includes collecting payments.

You can easily collect initial one-off payments, such as a join up fee, via a convenient online payment. Join Online also manages recurring direct debits and up-front subscriptions all from the time of your customer’s sign-up.

Achieve paperless sign-ups with your fitness software

Paperwork is a thing of the past! All contracts and mandates are generated digitally for the customer, as well as routine health checks. After a sign-up with Join Anywhere is complete, the customer will receive an automatic email confirmation with their contracts attached. A notification email is also sent to your club and staff so they’re aware of their newest member!

Both Join Onsite and Join Online present great opportunities for data capture and prospect entering to help boost your marketing and communication efforts at your business. If you find one of your prospects is still on the fence about joining, Join Anywhere can offer them a free trial to convince them that your gym is the best choice.