Looking for ways to improve your gym staff morale and happiness at work? Positive energy at a fitness club or leisure centre is infectious. If your staff enjoy their job, your members will likely visit your centre more often.

Here are a few of our best tips to improve staff morale and happiness to reap rewards for your business.

Automate the tedious tasks

When an employee feels overwhelmed, they often feel less happy and their efficiency drops. Small tasks fall through the cracks. Automating small but essential tasks, like membership renewals, can make a surprisingly big difference in your employees’ stress levels and impact how motivated your employee feels coming to work each day.

Give clear guidelines

From day one, it’s important to empower team members to do their job effectively. This is much easier when employees have clear guidelines. A practical example of how to do this is building clear guidelines for customer service interaction into your gym software. This can helps staff members interact with customers by supplying them with personalised information to improve the members’ experience, and makes delivering great customer service much easier.

Hire people who radiate positivity

Always hire people who radiate positive energy. Enthusiasm and happiness are contagious. A positive experience will inspire your members to visit regularly. By filling your fitness centre with staff who are friendly and welcoming, you’ll create a happier environment for members and your team.

Ask for feedback

Regularly ask your team for feedback on what they think is working and isn’t working at your leisure or fitness centre. Openness gives employees permission to contribute to positive change. This is easy to achieve: encourage a social, open atmosphere by asking everyone to contribute at team meetings. They may even have creative ideas you can use to improve your business or members’ experience.

Recognise personal and professional achievements

Employees experience higher morale when employers appreciate them as people first and employees second. For this reason, it’s important to celebrate both the professional achievements your employees accomplish (such as a high rating on a customer satisfaction survey), as well as personal achievements such as hobbies.
Since roughly 78 percent of employees spend more time at work with co-workers than they do at home with family, a supportive community will go a long way to fostering happiness.

Support a healthy work–life balance

An employee who feels fulfilled by their work and can balance time with family, friends and hobbies will feel more focused and dedicated at work. Supporting a healthy work–life balance for each employee will not only make your workplace a happier place to be, it will increase your staff productivity.