With private gyms and fitness centres popping up left, right and centre, it can sometimes feel impossible to stand out from the crowd and attract new business to your facility – even with excellent gym software on hand. When you’re trying to grow and develop your business, what can you do to entice new customers to your gym and sign them up as a loyal member? We have a few tips and tricks to help guide you through, including enlisting help from your fitness club software.

1. Work with local businesses

Joining forces with local businesses is a great way to mutually leverage each other’s customer base. Scope out the businesses in your area and see who could be a good fit. Is there a local physio who could offer consultations to your members? A supplement store that could offer discounts? Or even a dietician who could design a nutrition program for your customers?

Remember, this is a two-way street. Collaborating with other businesses means there has to be something in it for them too – whether it’s simply exposure, or the opportunity to sell their services within your centre.

2. Be easy to do business with

Your guests need fuss-free admin – they don’t want to have to remember to pay you monthly for their membership on top of all their other bills. Gladstone’s fitness club software integration with EziDebit is a seamless way to offer direct debit payment options to members, and could sway those who are thinking about signing up.

They also value honesty and transparency. There’s nothing gym customers are warier of than lock-in contracts, hidden fees, and complicated membership structures they can’t understand. If you want to attract more members to your gym, make one of their first experiences with you a pleasant one. Be completely upfront with them and ensure your memberships and contracts are simple to avoid confusion and distrust down the track.

3. Create a positive environment

From uplifting tunes to motivational events, there’s plenty of ways you can spread positivity in your fitness centre. Extend this positivity to your employees and ensure you’ve created a work environment that makes them love coming to work every day. This is especially important if you want to attract skilled personal trainers to your fitness centre.

The benefits of acquiring new, qualified and charismatic trainers to your gym is they often bring some of their own clients to your gym, and in turn they can put themselves out there to existing members within your centres. Great personal trainers are essential for delivering value to your members and attracting new business right through your doors.

4. Make yourself accessible

Your customers are busy people and they want every interaction with you to be as quick and easy as possible. Join Anywhere is a great tool that gives your new customers the power to manage their own sign-up process anytime, anywhere. The process is convenient, paperless, and simple for both your new member and your staff.

Open your gym up to a wider market and give your members the ability to workout anytime they like with 24/7 access. Through Gladstone’s 24-hour gym software, you have the ability to control all hours’ access to your facility. All a member needs to do is swipe their pass. From there, Gladstone will determine by the rules you’ve set, such as membership type or the time of day, if the guest is granted access or not. 24/7 access is a must on many gym goers’ criteria lists when looking for a new club.