From organising fitness programs to managing budgets and overseeing staff, managing a leisure or fitness facility can be stressful.

Here are seven useful tips on using Gladstone’s Plus2 to streamline your day-to-day work, including time management tips that will make your staff and members’ lives simpler.

Step 1 – Streamline your debit collection process

Take advantage of Gladstone’s fully-integrated direct debiting to collect payments from members without double-handling information. Gladstone synchronises with your direct debit provider to automatically update member records, saving your staff from having to chase up information and payments over the phone.

Step 2 – Make weekly or monthly reports easy

With Gladstone, there’s no need to waste time running manual reports. Simply tick a box and you’ll automatically receive the management reports you need via email, daily, weekly or monthly.

Step 3 – Improve your customer service

Gladstone will automatically prompt your reception desk staff when they are dealing with a customer in real-time. Screens show useful information to help staff deliver great customer service, such as relevant bookings, memberships, messages, visit history and purchase history.

Step 4 – Assess courses and classes on mobile

Help your personal trainers and swim coaches assess classes efficiently from their tablet. With Gladstone’s Learn2, you can easily coordinate classes on mobile devices, instead of traditional pen and paper.

Step 5 – Allow members to sign up on the spot

Gladstone will help you capture more members with an easy signup process. With onsite member signup, your prospects can sign up immediately using a mobile device, with or without staff involvement.

Step 6 – Let members connect online

Give your members the power to sign up for memberships, update payment and personal information, and make bookings online. Allowing members to pay outstanding debts and register for courses at home or on their mobile phone will boost both your revenue and your members’ satisfaction.

Step 7 – Help your members help themselves

Offer the ultimate convenience with a kiosk in your reception area that lets members save time by booking and enrolling in classes at the facility.