Leisure club customers are notoriously fickle. Have you ever had a customer joyously sign up for a membership, eager to reinvigorate their life with a much-needed change, only to have them drop off the radar and disappear for months?

This is why a loyalty program is a must for any health club or leisure club looking to drive more profit and keep customers committed to reaching their personal fitness goals. Here are some ideas on how you can use loyalty points to build a successful loyalty program and entice customers to spend more time and money at your leisure or fitness business.

Why should I use loyalty points?

Loyalty points are a great incentive for visitors of all ages. More and more fitness and leisure centres are adopting them as part of their loyalty program – and for good reason. Studies show that the chance to gain loyalty points with a purchase increases a customer’s likelihood to spend on retail such as workout gear or swim gear, regardless of whether they end up using their rewards.

How can I use loyalty points?

The key to making sure your loyalty program delivers a great return on investment is to make sure the loyalty point rewards excite your customers and tie into your business goals. We recommend making loyalty points a crucial part of your customer’s experience.

For example, you can use loyalty points to help customers monitor their progress towards fitness goals. If they begin to slip, remind them how, with just a little more effort, they can achieve their goal and enjoy a free, fun reward, such as a free personal training session.

Other ideas include rewarding members each time they refer a friend, or giving a loyalty point gift when anniversaries, such as six months after their joining date, arrive. Let customers use loyalty points to redeem a free meal plan to complement their workout, a healthy snack or smoothie to keep their energy levels up, or even a free massage.

How can I bolster my current loyalty program?

The key to a successful loyalty program is to keep your clients engaged – especially when their attention begins to waver! A great way to make members feel special is to keep in touch with genuine, personalised emails. Use automatic personalised emails to thank loyal members and invite them along to special events (luckily, Gladstone’s automated email software makes this easy).

Spark interest with fun e-newsletter offers that are exclusive to your loyalty program members. Capture their attention with incentives such as double loyalty points during a special event and keep your loyalty program top-of-mind throughout the year by mentioning it in email and SMS marketing.